An Embassy of God

The church building stands tall and majestic, its architecture radiating a sense of reverence and spirituality. Its design reflects a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, creating a space that is both welcoming and awe-inspiring. Let’s explore the various parts of this magnificent structure.

A Cantonment for Raising Men

At Remnant Christian Network Ghana, we believe men are God’s method for transforming families, institutions, territories and governments.

For this reason, this sanctuary is dedicated to raising men who will become change-agents in all spheres of life.

How You Can Support

In Prayer

Prayer is essential in everything we do. We covet your prayers as we embark on this project


Your financial support will go a long way in assisting us every step of the way.

Building Materials

The resources we need to complete this project from stones, sand, cement, iron rods, blocks, etc

Expert Advice

If you're a building expert, an engineer or have any expertise in building, you can assist us.

Send Your Support

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Account Name: Remnant Christian Network Ghana
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Branch: McCarthy Hill Branch
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